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Grass family, Poaceae. Miscanthus sinensis. Adagio, Cabaret, Dixiland, David, Ferner Osten, Flamingo, Gracillimus, Herman Mussel, Hinjo, Jubilee, Klien Fontain, Morning Light, Nippon, Punkchen, Siren, Samurai, Silberfeder, Varigatus, Zebrinus.

Also known as Eulalia grass, Japanese silver grass, miscanthus, ssusuki zoko in Japan.
From the Greek mischos (stalk) anthos (flower), referring to the stalked Spiklet's.
Comprised of approximately 20 usually large perennial species which are native to marshes, slopes mountainsides and other open habitats, mainly in eastern Asia but extending well into Africa

Popular Miscanthus grown in the UK are Miscanthus Morning Light, Jubilee, Samarai, Ferne Osten, Flamingo and many more including dwarf varieties available from our online shop here

Miscanthus are best in moisture retentive soil and handle waterlogging reasonably well compared to many other grasses however they can adapt well to dryer soil conditions which results in shorter growing habit and earlier flowering.

They are warm season growers and prefer full sun. They are tightly clumping with long narrow and sometimes sharp foliage. The inflorescence appearing on rigid upright stems which hold well through the winter.

Colours of the inflorescence vary from white/cream through paler pinks to flamingo, dark orange and reddish purple.

They are much prized and celebrated in Japanese in art as a symbol of autumn. They are the source of natural renewable material for temple roofs and traditional Japanese houses and in Europe have many uses as horse bedding and bio fuel.

Garden uses include accent and specimen planting, wind break screening and focal point planting as well as edging for ponds where there reflection adds yet another dimension.


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Miscanthus sinensis


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