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Miscanthus sinensis Nepalensis tall golden grass
Miscanthus sinensis

Stipa tenuissima. This is a beautiful grass fine graceful animated in the wind ideal for mixed planters and pots or as a garden plant generaly
Stipa tenuissima

Plant hardiness zones. Find out if your grass or bamboo plant is suitable.
Plant Hardiness

Plant hardiness zones. Find out if your grass or bamboo plant is suitable.
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No matter how small an area we have to work with, we can use ornamental grasses and bamboo plants to create a space for solitude, a sacred space, or just a space to sit and relax ,listening to the gentle movement and music of ten thousand leaves murmuring a lullaby in the gentlest of breezes. (from Qui Concepts) By doing this we hope to make our surrounding environment so supportive of our attitudes, aspirations and opportunities as to make real changes for the better.

Grasses and their family member bamboo  have much to offer the Gardener they invaluable and distinctive. Ornamental Grasses are extraordinary in their distinctiveness they are sinuous  supple and yielding  adding grace and movement and heralding the arrival of the first summer breeze.

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The dramatic arching leaves of Miscanthus sinensis with fountain like mound topped by tall stalks and large fluffy inflorescence.
The Stipa offers such diversity.  From the needle like leaves of Stipa Lessinguiana the Siberian Steppe Grass through the burnt orange and tans of Stipa Arundinacea aptly known as the Pheasant tail Grass to the noble and extraordinary presence of Stipa Gigantea the largest of the feather grasses. A superb specimen for cut dried grass displays

Highly ornamental grass like Pennisetum alepocuroides, a pretty warm season clumping grass with mounds of fox tail flowers that range from cream through pink to dark purple and chocolate brown is particularly suited to containers and troughs with summer annuals as companion planting

And of course stately non-invasive  cold hardy bamboo plants that are now available in such  amazing varieties of cultivar and colour we are spoiled for choice.

Ornamental grasses are beautiful when combined with perennial flowers and shrubs for both subtle and explosive colour effects when combined with broad petal flowers.  Grasses bring an exquisite linear presence, translucency, texture animation and sound to an otherwise all to still garden.

It is hard now to realise that only a generation ago when you raised the subject of grasses the average gardener and horticulturist immediately conjured up thoughts of lawns bowling greens and cricket pitches. How much that has changed today with grasses such as Miscanthus Stipa and Pennisetum alopecuroides figuring as an essential part of many peoples garden and these web pages are presented as a celebration of that fact.

Happy Gardening and a Pleasant Day to You.

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Pennisetum alopecuroides

Bamboo Plants. Cold-hardy suitable for Garden plants in the UK
Bamboo Plants

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Ornamental Grasses from Grass Gardens Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants. Miscanthus sinensis. Pennisetum alopecuroides. Stipa Gigantea. Gardening.

Grass that are warm season growers include Miscanthus sinensis - Chinese Silver Grass or Eulalia Grass . Presently in stock - Adagio, Africa, Cabaret, Dronning Ingrid, David, Ferner Osten, Flamingo, Gewitterwolke, Ghana,Gnome Gold Bar, Goliath, Gracillimus, Graziella, Herman Mussel, Klein Fontain, Malpartus, Morning Light, Nippon, Punktchen Little Dots, Purple Fall, Roland, Rotfuchs Red Fox, Rotsilber Red and Silver, Kliene Silberspinne Silver Spider, Variegatus, Zebrinus.
Hardy Bamboo Phyllostachys. Plants Fargesia. Bamboo Semiarundinaria
Pennisetum alopecuroides Pony Tails. Presently in Stock - Alepecroides Cream Falls, Hameln Hamlin, Oriental, Villosum, Viridesens Paul's Giant.
Grass that enjoy a cool season for growing are Stipa. Feather Grass Needle Grass - Presently in Stock - Arundinacea, Gigantea, Tenuissima.